First post…

Okay, it is August 7 12:12 AM and I’m about to write my first post. Nothing fancy or insightful, but surely something in a long list of first’s that are about to come.

What I basically decided a couple of weeks back was that I’ll start blogging about my own start-up (first that I’m involved in) that is currently shaping up and also the start-up community and environment that I belong to at any given time. Currently I’m in Oulu, Finland, but in a week or so I’ll be heading to Copenhagen (first time there) for a semester of entrepreneurial studies at Copenhagen business school.

My plan is to write about several topics related to start-up’s and how I got involved in the first place. I’ll also offer some insight based on what I have learnt during the journey that I have taken with my fellow co-founders (a first for them too).

I’ll just end this post with something I read in the book “The unbearable lightness of being” by Milan Kundera; “What happened but once, might as well not have happened at all”

Following this, I’m sure all the first’s here and the first’s to come, will be followed by second’s and third’s and other’s. Some of them more successful  when others are bound to fail. However, this has been a beginning to something new and we just have to see where it ends up.


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